Nick Sharratt

Nick Sharratt

Original picture book artwork by Nick Sharratt is available for purchase from Children's Book Illustration together with a series of limited edition screenprints.

Nick trained at St Martin's School of Art in the early 1980s and has been illustrating ever since. In the early days of his career he did also did editorial work, was ''Cosmopolitan's favourite cartoonist'', designed packaging for cakes and confectionery and was once commissioned to design a range of lollipops. But he's happiest in the world of children's books, and has illustrated close to 250 titles now, covering books for all age ranges from babies through to teenagers and working with authors including Jacqueline Wilson, Michael Rosen, Julia Donaldson and Jeremy Strong, as well as producing his own books. He likes bright colour and bold line and humour is a key element in his work.

He's worked in a variety of media: wax crayon, charcoal, acrylic inks and collage, and at present is enjoying producing illustrations digitally, although he always creates his line drawings manually, adding colour with the computer. He's won many awards for his work, including the Children's Book Award, the Nestlé Children's Book Award, The Right Start Award (book category), the Under Fives non-fiction She/ WHSmith Award and the Educational Writers Award. He was the official illustrator for World Book Day in 2006 and has a fellowship from hereford College of Art. He's also the proud recipient of a gold Blue Peter badge!


Click on the prints below to see them enlarged, together with details of price, size etc
  • ‘Giant screenprint of nine DFC cartoons’

    ‘Giant screenprint of nine DFC cartoons’

  • ‘Dinky Foreign Cheeses’

    ‘Dinky Foreign Cheeses’

  • ‘Dougnut Flinging Competition’

    ‘Dougnut Flinging Competition’

  • ‘Dandelion Flavoured Crisps’

    ‘Dandelion Flavoured Crisps’

  • ‘Dinosaur Flattens Chiropodist’

    ‘Dinosaur Flattens Chiropodist’

  • ‘Dental Floss Collector’

    ‘Dental Floss Collector’

  • ‘Dysfunctional Flying Carpet’

    ‘Dysfunctional Flying Carpet’

  • ‘Della's Furry Clogs’

    ‘Della's Furry Clogs’

  • ‘Dracula's Favourite Cardigan’

    ‘Dracula's Favourite Cardigan’

  • ‘Daffodil frightens caterpillar’

    ‘Daffodil frightens caterpillar’