Jo Empson

Jo Empson

Limited edition prints and artist's proofs by Jo Empson are available for purchase from Children's Book Illustration.

Author/Illustrator Jo Empson graduated from Cambridge School of Art with an MA in Children’s Book Illustration. During the course she created her first picture book Rabbityness which was published the following year in 2012 by Child’s Play International. Rabbityness has been  nominated for 8 awards, including Kate Greenaway Medal and shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize and UKLA award. This was followed by a second picture book Never Ever which was awarded a Kirkus Star and also nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal and Biennale of Illustration, Bratislava, 2015

Recently published books are Little Home Bird published by Child’s Play International in January 2016 and Chimpanzees for Tea! published by Puffin UK and Philomel Books - Penguin US in Spring 2016. 

Her background as a graphic designer has had a great influence on her work. Her illustrations are inspired by nature, with a strong sense of shape, colour and design. She loves playing with colour in the form of a visual narrative. Her abiding wish is to produce beautiful books with depth and meaning, along with a sense of fun and surprise! 

Children’s books remain her passion. She is never happier than when she is swept away in storytelling – in all it's aspects – whether it be writing, illustrating or just reading a favourite picture book (which she still does every night!)


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  • ‘All Little Bird's favourite things’

    ‘All Little Bird's favourite things’

  • ‘Little Bird had a good idea...’

    ‘Little Bird had a good idea...’

  • ‘Sorry, can't stop, Mr Singh!’

    ‘Sorry, can't stop, Mr Singh!’

  • ‘Sorry, can't stop, Monsieur Baggs!’

    ‘Sorry, can't stop, Monsieur Baggs!’

  • ‘Invite them all in for Tea!’

    ‘Invite them all in for Tea!’

  • ‘Rabbit liked twirling his whiskers’

    ‘Rabbit liked twirling his whiskers’

  • ‘There's never, ever, ever, never...any excitement!’

    ‘There's never, ever, ever, never...any excitement!’

  • ‘Never, ever, does anything exciting EVER happen!’

    ‘Never, ever, does anything exciting EVER happen!’

  • ‘Rabbit liked painting’

    ‘Rabbit liked painting’

  • ‘Rabbit liked making music’

    ‘Rabbit liked making music’

  • ‘Rabbit Liked Hopping’

    ‘Rabbit Liked Hopping’